I promised a second demo this weekend.  And it’s of the Academy Pro builder to keep and sell your video courses.   If you already have Coachzippy, this is a luxury. In comparison: 
1) It’s easier to work with
2) It does a little less 
If you don’t have Coachzippy, it’s a good place to sell one video course at a time and to display your other courses.  Since they’re doing stuff with the pricing, get it here now: 

My Training @ 7 PM EST on Sorting Out PLR Video Related Software 

Tonight, I will go live with a training to help you to sort all of this out when it comes to using this for your Video PLR. Specifically, we’ll talk about: 
1) CloudFunnels
2) Coachzippy
3) AcademyPro (just released today) 

Here is what we need to cover: 
1) What do you need
2) How to use it together
3) What can you do without
4) How to make the decision 

I may do the training live, or I may pre-record the training and stream it.  The advantage of pre-recording and streaming is that I won’t have to fiddle around with the controls live.  Instead, I can edit all of that out of the video and it will take up less of your time. Then you’ll know the training will be no-fluff/no-filler.  So, I am learning toward that. You’ll be able to catch the training on my channel, on Twitter or in the Facebook Group whatever is your preference.  

Do We Need Our Own CloudFunnels Training? 

I really like the applications Cyril puts together.  That said, no slight on him, I’ve heard from people in our community that I need to help you to use this properly. If you feel this is something you’d like me to do, please reply back. If there is enough interest, I’m happy to do more videos.

When looking at the tutorials…they’re good, but they covered things in a way that I would not have. So, what I may do is some additional videos that would be for you to use this with your video PLR.   As you already know, there is one video that I gave you as a bonus showing you how to import your PLR sales pages to the platform. Go here to see my installation video, if you had trouble with that process: 

I’m Going to Break My Rule Here 

I have said that I didn’t want you to join as an Ultimate Insider to get Coachzippy.  The point of the group is the content and training. But that said, Coachzippy is now $67/mo. If you wanted to use it for your Video PLR and you didn’t get it when it launched, I have a limited number of licenses available and it will be there for you as long as you’re active. So, if that is really the platform you want, you already have it as an Insider.  When you get inside, just click the link to have Laurel, Sydney or I set you up when you write in to support:

Personal Note 

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I tried to up my activity on my personal page.  But then again, you may not have noticed because who knows how all of that works. I’ve determined that a minimum level is helpful. The jury is out on how helpful it will be. 

If I’ve not connected with you, just know it isn’t personal, Or if you’ve tried to reach me by direct message and I don’t answer, seem short, or ask you to contact me via Support…I’m just not that engaged on Facebook and I find it incredibly distracting.   Honestly, I prefer my support desk to talk business. 

Laurel will tell you that since I started this new social media activity, I wear a stopwatch all day.  That may be a bit extreme to you, but for me…I’ve been on these networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and watched hours go by and have recorded 0 course videos. And these days, I am measuring my productivity by: 
1) # of course videos I have created
2) # of lead generation activities I’ve done
3) # of direct marketing activities I’ve done
4) # of Insider enhancements completed 

Everything else, including social media engagement, for me is extra. But perhaps my re-entry will do something that wasn’t happening before.  We’ll see…jury’s out.