Tomorrow morning, I will do the second of two software demos for this weekend.  I’ve actually done the work of reviewing the platform and have a perspective on it if: 
1) You want to sell video PLR
2) You want to deliver them in a course platform
3) You’d rather not use WordPress
4) You don’t need the detail that Coachzippy offers for each course 

I’ll share that during my morning newsletter tomorrow. But here’s an important point to make.  If you’re an Ultimate Insider, you already have access to Coachzippy commercial version as long as you remain a member.  All you have to do is write in to our support and one of us will add you, once you’ve signed up. This means that you won’t have to pay the $67/mo where it’s currently priced. 

That said, I don’t want that to be the only reason that you become an Insider.  This is a super special bonus that I am offering as long as I have licenses available (they are not unlimited).   Go here to get signed up:

Is CloudFunnels Easy to Install? 

That was the question of one of our community members today.  I had actually already planned to do a video of some kind today in order to discuss how you might be able to use it effectively. However, since this was an Insider asking the question, I decided to make it a priority and do a video. 

The good thing is that I get to share it with you. You’ll see that the process takes me all of 10 minutes to get it on to my hosting.  And even that took the time it did because I was recording at the same time. Go here to see today’s demo of CloudFunnels:

Help Is On the Way 

I have decided recently that I need to go back in time and create a Learning Center inside of Ultimate Insider.  The reason for this is that I know that you may want to learn some of the technical more than you want to teach it. I’d forgotten that during 2018 and 2019.   

So, I am going back in time to increase the library inside of Ultimate Insider. It will be a Learning Center in the true sense of the word, in addition to a place for you to get video PLR. Although, it’s quite possible that you may be new to us and not know what I mean when I use this phrase “Learning Center” which is now core to my beliefs about IM. Go here to find out more:

Personal Note 

One of my good friends Dave has re-emerged and is back doing IM.  Seeing him online brings back memories. We spent many hours talking into the dead of night, trying to figure out what we were doing in IM. He used to tell me that getting moving on product creation was the most important thing to do.   

Honestly, those discussions formed the basis of what eventually became my “Product Snowball Formula.” But at that time, I didn’t create as much as I could have. You want to know one of the main reasons why? I was stuck on creating pages.  I didn’t know HTML and I was too intimidated to learn.  I didn’t even have the guts at the time to use PLR to create them.   

Naturally, I can’t go back in time to smack myself across the head, but thankfully now there are tools that make it easier to create a page for quick product creation. It’s not about perfection, its about completion. 

That’s one of the reasons I am suggesting that you look at CloudFunnels.  Take your PLR, add in your unique voice and bonuses with their drag and drop editor. I especially like importing the sales pages that you get with PLR (I did a video for you that you get in the check in area).  That will make it easier for you to get your content out faster.