The Learning Center business model is basically,  “I’m the Netflix of ___________” (your subniche goes in the blank). That’s how we spelled it out in E-Learning Playbook.  You keep using video courses to put your hook in the water and then upsell people into your personally branded Learning Center. You then keep the content coming into it on a monthly basis (that’s why we supply you) as an Ultimate Insider.  See our monthly content program (and get your cloud based learning center platform access) here:

How to Use the WordPress PLR Video Course 

There are several ways to use the WordPress PLR video course.  Let’s assume that you’re going to take the bonus we give you to make one large course. You could take one of those courses and start them as a low front end offer.  You could then offer the choice between the upsell or the entire Learning Center monthly. This is the simplest and possibly the most effective way to get people in.  Let them sample the content and then give them full access to it later here:

How to Use the Instagram Checklists (PLR) 

You could use the checklists pretty much as part of a whole.   You’re using our bonuses here as the basis for an entirely new course. You could take the checklist and create your own videos. This is bound to be a longer solution, but ultimately you will be able to weave the subjects together.  Make sure you get it with our resources here:

Closing for Some Time – Waiting List 

Tonight is the last night for a while that Ultimate Insider will be open to the public.  We are closing down as we’ve said to make sure we have the member area the way we have been wanting. After tonight, if you miss it…we will put together a waiting list.  However, we’ve not decided when we will allow new members.  Right at the moment, we’re fully focused on completing Microsoft Teams (which we will launch eventually to the public..but no time soon). Go here to make sure you’re in: