Before I get into the meat of what I have to say today about my Meetup signups, I will give you a quick reminder that long-timer Joan Altres is re-releasing her PLR software. It’s definitely different and doesn’t really fit any category. It gives you the possibility of different kinds of interactions with your customer. Go here to get it:

There Are Sign-Ups 

Last night, I did the pre-sell in my Meetup for the Product Snowball Formula.  I also re-streamed it to the group as well as to Twitter and our YouTube channel. As I have been saying to you, the first step in building out an audience is to start doing a weekly workshop and get a training archive. I am not saying that you have to do a local Meetup.  That isn’t the point. The point is that if you don’t have any activity or buzz with traffic moving toward you the first step is to create your own credibility.  That credibility becomes the reason that your workshop should be attended. Your archive of weekly training = credibility until you build it.  What I am basically saying is this–people won’t attend until they see:
1.) Your standing appointment (every ______day at 8 PM….or whatever) 
2.) That you have an archive of things you’ve covered and that you’ve KEPT your appointment. 

So, we’re now getting sign-ups every way into the Meetup and sign-ups for the webinar.  That has happened with no promotion (I’ve had no time to do it consistently). It’s only due to the increased activity. There is/was no magic. The pre-sell trainings that I will be doing will be designed to sell our PLR video courses and I will be giving Ultimate Insiders first access to them before I launch them to you, the PLR Show Community, as Xtreme 2.0. Go here to become an Ultimate Insider: 

Go here watch the replay of the pre-sell: