In case you missed it, we made resources available to you along with the PLR from Sajan and Justin. There are two personally created courses for you to use to make an entirely new course. In fact, the course we did was on maintaining an income level while Sajan and Justin’s focused on building one. You can use the 20 over-the-shoulder videos on Wix as a way to teach an easy to use website system, as well as to sell their affiliate program. To get our resources go here:

Level 1 of Our Streaming Video Learning Center 

We have placed our PLR Learning Academy at Level One.  This is free to you and available on our home page at the PLR Show.  You can use it on your mobile and/or desktop and use it to learn: 
1) How To Set Up Your PLR Video Courses for Sale
2) How to Repurpose Your PLR Video Courses
3) How to Repurpose Your Video PLR  

Level 2 of Our Streaming Video Learning Center 

We have a level of our Learning Center where we have all 100+ of our video courses available for you to stream. We have it bundled with some of our Unlimited Rights PLR and it’s still available here. We are a little behind on our round of updates, thus the price hasn’t doubled to $97 yet.  Go here to get it:

Level 3 of Our Streaming Video Learning Center for Ultimate Insiders 

Ultimate Insiders have an upgraded version of my platform.  Not only do you get the 100+ courses, but you also get my 2020 and beyond courses to stream. Of course, there is a whole lot more that we give you as an Ultimate Insider.  Go here to get everything (including the upgraded Learning Center):

Please Make Sure to Take Our Brief PLR Survey 

Yesterday, I made our PLR survey available to you so that you can tell us what you’d like to see in our PLR.  This will help me to plan out some of the courses in-between our formal scheduled ones. Please go here to do the 3 minute survey and give us your choices: