There were three questions posed by you that I answered yesterday.  One was about using PLR, the second was about the Hackathon and third was about the 4th of July Sale. Most of the PLR produced comes in the form of a written guide or content. For example, I’ve recommended and added resources to the podcast PLR, which you can get here:

Question One: What Can I Do With the Cheat Sheets That You Put in the Etsy PLR? 

You can add them to the the transcript that I passed on to you.  Or you can turn them into PDF guides.   I showed you how to do this in a tutorial video yesterday here:

Question Two: Will the Hackathon Be Training or PLR or Both? 

The Hackathon will be a live training but I will record it with a way to delete personal references. Then I will find a way to give you access to the PLR version also. What I will probably do is to make the training available on our Mobile Application for the PLR Show. I will keep you posted on that part. It will definitely be available to all Ultimate Insiders as part of your membership for no additional charge.  (We’re currently closed to new members). We will re-open to new members soon and will provide access first to those on our waitlist here:

Question Three: Will You Re-Open the 4th of July Sale? I Missed It 

I have thought about this and will re-open for a 30+ hour period.  So If you missed it, make sure that you’re looking for the message that starts the 30 hour clock. (This wasn’t an actual question asked, but in my experience, it is one that you may have had but didn’t ask it directly because you assumed the answer was no.) I will still honor the 4th of July pricing for the 30 hour period. 


PS…Kevin Fahey just released a PLR report that you can use to talk about social media influencing.  If you’re teaching on the subject, it’s always good to have additional content.  
Go here to get it.