In our most recent PLR video course, I am demonstrating how you can add in your brand, personality and USP to the video content you have from us.  You can use:
1) Zoom
2) GoToWebinar
3) Streamyard 

I did this in the update to my live evergreen course, 30 Day Video Reseller Challenge (30DVRC).  It is a course of 20 over-the-shoulder tutorial videos and an hour of live action content. You can definitely use these PLR videos even if you don’t have that PLR course (30DVRC) because the topic I am releasing this week stands on its own without that course.  Go here to see an excerpt of the course overview:

Personalizing Video is the Second Best Thing to Do 

Personalizing video is really only the 2nd best thing to do with PLR videos. If you really want to leverage it, you should be putting it into a Learning Center and building up an asset for people to use. This is what we teach people and help people to do inside of Ultimate Insider. 

Yes, of course…it is a video content membership.  And if all you want is more video content, we’ve got that for you. But what we put on top of that content are things that you can use to get mileage out of your PLR videos.   Even if you didn’t get the PLR videos from us. Go here to get signed up: 

But if you’re not yet ready to get signed up, go here to get our most recent PLR video course: