Today, I wanted to remind you to keep your calendars marked for Zoom PLR on Saturday.  As a reminder, Ultimate Insiders will have this added at no cost as it it considered to be an update. 

TikTok Marketing PLR 

Today, there is a new PLR written guide being released on TikTok.  Naturally, it’s quite possible that your niche will not hang out here. But it’s almost a certainty that someone that is your customer uses this app. Which means you and I have to be conversant with TikTok. So, I’ve put together a few resources to help you on exactly what this content is about: social media and video. You can see my resource package here: 

Or just go directly to the page and get the PLR here:

Gumroad Guide 

I had a new friend ask me if I thought that W+ and Zoo would be a little too much for someone new. Answer: Unequivocally yes. There are so many moving parts going at 90 miles an hour, I see why new people get paralyzed into being on a buying cycle for years without selling anything. 

But if I were going to recommend a platform on which to exercise the basics, I must say from what I’ve heard from Barb and Dennis, it would be Gumroad. So, they’re both now doing a more comprehensive guide with advanced principles.  We’ve put together a few resources for you to use. Go here to get started:

Personal Note  

Today, I had two Plantronics 355 Old School headsets arrive today from Ebay.  I like to keep them stockpiled because ever since 2013, they’ve been my favorite sound input. Due to the ‘times’ we’re in…these things that nobody wanted a year ago (I could always get a pair for $20) had gone up to $69 online. Yet another reminder at how crazy and irrational the time we’re living in is. 

Another crazy sign…once a week now, I am on a Zoom call with Laurel’s mom and family.  Seeing everybody talking about how to use it is also surreal. But what can you do?   I’ll tell you one thing you can do.  You can be here Saturday Morning at 9 AM EST and get your copy of my Zoom Video PLR. That makes good sense to me.