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Implement and Teach 52 Weeks of Instantly Downloadable Set of Live Training

Get An Entire Year of Weekly Training Sessions To Teach
Your Customers How to Market Their Business

Each Week's Session Focuses On One of the 12 Core Components of Building a Brand

Market Position

The entire focus on positioning yourself as an educator.

The Weekly Workshop

Creating free and paid authority content ...

The Product Snowball

Creating a Consistent Launch Process

Strategic Marketing Frameworks

Developing a Framework for solving all marketing problems and creating new marketing success through Strategic Marketing Playbook.

Creating A Content Factory

Creating A Unique Point of View to Draw Customers...

Build a Massive Network

Creating Partnerships for Monetization

Becoming A Media Mogul

Taking and Mastering One form of Traffic for Your Business Model

Getting Into Production Mode

Developing Systems for Productivity, Follow Through and Effectiveness

Building a Learning Center

Creating An Ever Growing Asset for Continuity In Your Business...

Creating A Community

Creating A Community Around Your Core Ideas

Raise and Build an Affiliate Army

Creating The Means for Your Customers, Prospects, Partners and Others to Become Your Biggest Advocates

Define and Promote Your Core Ideas

Creating A Community Around Your Core Ideas

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Weekly Session Titles


  • 0001 - Quantifying Your Information Marketing Goals
  • 0002 - What Constitutes A Good Offer
  • 0003 - How to Solve Your Most Pressing Marketing Problems
  • 0004 - Decide on a Niche Market
  • 0005 - Build a Massive Network
  • 0006 - Become a Media Mogul
  • 0007 - Get Into Production Mode
  • 0008 -  Build A Learning Center
  • 0009 - Build A Community Around Your Ideas
  • 0010 - Build An Affiliate Army
  • 0011 - Position Yourself as An Educator In Your Niche
  • 0012 - Start a Weekly Workshop
  • 0013 - Developing USPs - Marketing Frameworks
  • 0014 - Creating an Offer Series - Product Snowball Week
  • 0015 - Plant Your Flag - Content Factory Week
  • 0016 - Chaos Theory - Building A Massive Network
  • 0017 - Audio Mastery
  • 0018 - Prioritize Minimum Monetization
  • 0019 - Structure Your Learning Center Offer
  • 0020 - Online Community Deep Live - Build A Community Around Your Ideas
  • 0021 - Raise and Build an Affiliate Army
  • 0022 - Define and Promote Your Core Ideas
  • 0023 - Position Yourself as an Educator - What to Do About Competition
  • 0024 - Do A Weekly Workshop - Start With The Offer
  • 0025 -  Build a Product Snowball
  • 0026 - Marketing Framework - How To Solve Any Marketing Problem
  • 0027 - Unique Information Products - Weekly Training - Content Factory
  • 0028 - Thinking Inside of the Box - Build A Massive Network
  • 0029 - Keep Your Prospects Close and Your Customers Closer - Become a Media Mogul
  • 0030 - Creating a Personal USP Build a Learning Center
  • 0031 - Intentional Buyer Focus - Get Into Production Mode
  • 0032 - Paid Community Masterclass - Build a Community Around Your Ideas
  • 0033 - Free Offers and Viral Applications - Build an Affiliate Army
  • 0034 - Core Ideas Summit - Define and Promote Your Core Ideas
  • 0035 - Interview Listholders - Position Yourself as an Educator
  • 0036 - Repurposing the Workshop for Traffic - Do A Weekly Workshop
  • 0037 - Investing in R and D - Bulid a Product Snowball
  • 0038 - Brand Level Strategy - Develop a Strategic Framework
  • 0039 - Journey and Teach - Create a Content Factory
  • 0040 - Do Affiliate Promotions - Build A Massive Network
  • 0041 - Choose The Right Social Network for Traffic - Become a Media Mogul
  • 0042 - The Truth About Information Marketing
  • 0043 - The Learning Center Platform - Build A Learning Center
  • 0044 - Linkedin Groups - Build a Community Around Your Ideas
  • 0045 - Rules for Your Affiliate Program
  • 0046 - Create a Video Diary - Define and Promote Your Core Ideas
  • 0047 - Wrap Up_ First Steps - Position Yourself as an Educator
  • 0048 - Wrap Up_ Traffic for Your Workshop - Do A Weekly Workshop
  • 0049 - The Developmental Funnel - Build a Product Snowball
  • 0050 - Automate Marketing Fundamentals - Strategic Marketing
  • 0051 - Weave in Your Personal Story and Personality
  • 0052 - Network from a Position of Strength - Build A Massive Network

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