Last night we missed doing our local Meetup, so we will be doing a catch up session tonight at 7 PM EST.  It will be re-streamed live to our YouTube Channel and our Facebook Group, if you’d like to attend live. We will be doing the pre-sell for E-Learning Playbook, which you probably already have.  If you don’t, you can still get it here: 

We will make the pre-sell workshop content available for you to use in a few weeks when we release Xtreme 2.0.  Or you can get it and E-Learning Playbook by becoming an Ultimate Insider now. Go here to get signed up:

Ultimate Insider Book Discussion

I asked Ultimate Insiders who would be interested in doing a book discussion on YouTube Formula which Laurel and I are reading right now.  I am also involved in a more in-depth course at the same time while doing the book. I’d said that if Insiders were interested, I’d open it up to the entire PLR Show Community.  Here’s why I’m suggesting this.   A fair number of people (you could be one of them) are interested in building an audience and list either in addition to or instead of the MMO, Zoo, W+ world. 

And so at the present time, the best way to secure an audience in a crowded field like business and marketing is going to be YouTube.   The bigger your audience, the bigger your list. The bigger your list, the more PLR video courses you’ll need. The more PLR video courses you need, the better for me. lol… But I digress… You’ll need to have the book YouTube Formula, and be willing to read and go through the steps.  I’ve not yet decided whether I want it to be private or public in the Facebook Group. Go here to get the book: 

Then, let me know by email of your interest.  That will tell me where we need to have the discussion. 

If You Want Just the MMO Market 

If you’re interested in just the MMO market, I do have content available to you.  What I don’t want is to do what I have done in the past and assume that it’s the ONLY market you want. Big mistake on my part…. I have been finding that in my Onboarding Calls for Ultimate Insiders that you as the PLR Show Community are a very niche-diverse group.  You may be looking for business owners; you may not be looking for just MMO people. But I’d like to work on putting together the best option for you and I think I have it.  As soon as I complete Streamyard PLR and Gumroad PLR I will begin the work on that for you as well as our Ultimate Insiders. A good PLR resource for both audiences is our Clubhouse PLR videos.  Get them here: