Hello Laurel Tonight we’ll be doing our Weekend Q and A.  A few reminders though before I talk about what we’re going to cover. First, remember….Gumroad PLR is coming up next, but as of right now, you can still get access to our StreamYard Video PLR.  There are two ways to get it. One as an Ultimate Insider, and you’ll get both Gumroad (before everyone else) and StreamYard.  Go here to sign up as an Ultimate Insider: 

Or go here directly: 

Xtreme Business Makeover 2.0 

Second, This year I am returning to Xtreme Business Makeover, to build our signature PLR Presell Product.  And as I have said every time I add to it, I will increase the price. So, if you’re having trouble seeing how to make the offer for your PLR, the answer is typically: 1) A Live Session where you create rapport2) A Pre-Sell session where you turn that rapport into sales of your PLR. As a result, we are giving you the Pre-Sell content along with your own PLR product.  Go here to get Xtreme Business Makeover: 

Tonight’s Weekend Q and A at 7 PM EST 

Tonight we will be doing our Weekend Q and A at 7 PM EST.  The session is titled “Personalize (PLR) to Monetize”. We’ll take Ultimate Insider and PLR Community Questions about PLR also.   The session will be hosted on YouTube Live at 7 PM EST.  I will take and answer questions in YouTube. I will send out the replay later on this evening.  To attend live go here: