The training I did last night was a teaser for what I will be talking about in Xtreme 2.0.  Xtreme 2.0 will be: 
1) Repurpose rights to my mid-week pre-sell content
2) Step-by-step strategy to using your video PLR to build your business

The was originally my goal for Xtreme 1.0, but I stopped it mid-stream and took it in a different direction when I partnered with PLR Experts. The lecture titles we did were not necessarily a cohesive set of lessons. So, I am returning to re-do Xtreme 2.0 correctly as I originally intended to do it.   These lessons will be my full take on how you use instructional video PLR. Beginning to end. I “think” it may take 52 weeks, but I’m not sure….maybe more, maybe less.  But you are going to get the full picture. Ultimate Insiders will get this automatically at no additional charge. Go here to see the teaser training: “How To Turn Your Video PLR Into an Info-Marketing Business”:  

ICYMI – Three Different PLR Packages 

A) If you are tracking the content that I have set up for Tiffany’s limited edition selections, I have placed all of that content on one page. Go here to get it: 

B.) Francis’s video PLR comes with three additional video courses that I am adding to what he’s put together.  In the checkout area of his course, you’ll get 3 additional courses with full PLR rights:
Smart OTO Blueprint
Sales Funnel Fast Track
Survey Funnel Blueprint 

These were part of Stephen Luc’s membership who has since retired from recording videos.  Although we don’t know each other personally, I consider him the OG of instructional PLR videos. What I am giving you is unique because I am retaining their original form so that you’re getting the full rights package from me. Go here to get Francis’s package and my additions: 

C.) I’d be crazy not to tell you about our most recent video kit package on Canva.  You can use the transcripts and slides to re-create the product I originally did in your own voice. You can choose to do training or you can turn it into something entirely different. When we originally launched the videos with PLR Experts, I had been asked all of the time for transcripts.  This was something we opted not to do at the time. It was something that took more time and I was a little green when it came to developing a production process.   So, even though it was good to do, I didn’t do it at the time. 

But this is still a robust platform and the reformulated content gives you more options.  And if you didn’t get the videos when they were launched originally there is a great deal to them too at checkout. Go here to get our Canva workshop kits: