I’ve decided to make two additions to Ultimate Insider that illustrate a case where I think you want to consider doing what I do over what I say. 

First, I am going to add the webinar app I’ve been telling you about.  But I think you should also get the agency license for your own business. It’s an added incentive and plus for the people that get your video content. Go to get it here–make sure to go all the way through the funnel and get the agency license:

Or go direct to the page here: 

Second, I just noticed yesterday that Kaptiwa Video Hosting used to have an agency license too.  I want to add this also to Ultimate Insiders. At this point though, I tested the Kaptiwa funnel and although it was offered the first time in 2019, the agency license is no longer inside of their funnel. So, that opportunity may be gone. 

The $297 seemed like a lot at the time of their launch when I wasn’t building my own Learning Center, but doesn’t seem like so much now that I am building Ultimate Insider for you. It would have been worth giving up on 20 smaller purchases to be able to put this premium inside of the Insider membership. You get the principle here, right? When you can get an agency license, you want to go ahead and get it and add it to your Learning Center. So, get the basic version, but also make sure to go all the way through to the agency here: 

I Don’t Exactly Have Permission to Do This But… 

A couple of weeks back somebody in the Hackathon asked me if there was a special deal still for Kaptiwa. I told her that they allowed me to offer special pricing but had removed it during their launch.  They said they would give it to me recently, but I never heard back from them. 

But I’ve noticed in recent days that they have a coupon code and it does work here. That means that you can still get my Webinar Vault with your purchase here.  Go here and when you do, make sure to use these codes (the ones on the page no longer work): 
“jvzsplstart” for 67% off the Starter Version
“jvzsplpro” for 67% off the Pro Version 

PS…Next up will be Anchor Podcasting and Screencast University PLR.  Although both will belong to Ultimate Insiders, I will decide tonight or tomorrow which one I will launch to the public.