I’ve just seen two interesting PLR packages… 

One is on the subject of Influencer Secrets released by Sajan. Technically, the platform you’d use would be Buzzsumo to find Influencers.  It’s likely that you already have the videos we did on that subject, but if you don’t, we’ll give you 20 over-the-shoulder videos that we did. What I think would be helpful, is if you also taught people how to use the Hubspot CRM if you’re managing Influencers. We did a course on that subject and we’ll give you access to those videos also. If you get the advanced version, we’ll add the advanced version of both courses.  Go here to get this recent release: 

Affiliate Marketing PLR 

This is the second week in a row someone has done the subject of Affiliate Marketing.  This one is a little different, though. I’ve done 2 sets of videos on Warrior Plus that I will give you access to, should you pick up this package.  There are 20 and they are all over-the-shoulder. In that course, I covered affiliate marketing on that network. So, you can get this affiliate marketing PLR course and then get access to the 2 sets of 20 videos.  Go here to get them both: 

I Owe You One 

A few weeks back, I talked about the fact that we needed an over-the-shoulder version of E-Learning Playbook videos to be added to that package before we officially raised the price from $27. But that I would do that package in a no-frills offering. Then my gallbladder gave me the dope smack. So, I am back on that project today. Of course, you can either get the videos when I release them or when I add them to E-Leaning Playbook. Of you could just get them as an Ultimate Insider (best). Go here to make sure you get them: 

The Girls Are Back in Town 

Since my girls are back at home and pandemic-home-bound, I will be asking them to help me to complete some things that I typically outsource, as well as some things I don’t have time to do but am scared to really outsource. 

One of those things is to get the rest of my courses and content uploaded to the video Learning Center. For example, there is all of my retired courses on PLR. And then there is all of my retired PLR. Quite frankly I was a little overwhelmed with how I was going to get this done and stay in production mode. Sydney, my younger daughter that used to do my support, has education as part of her major.  So, it will be quite useful for her to work inside of the different course/learning management systems that I work with. (Or at least that is how I am justifying it to her…don’t tell her otherwise and blow my spot.) 

I do have rather sinister intentions.  I have been telling you that the price for my Learning Center with all of my training, courses made easily available by mobile should be $197. Right now it’s hidden, because I did a Black Friday offer and hid it among lots of Unlimited Rights PLR.  But that PLR needs to come out of the offer and it needs to be all about the Learning Center. 

So…while I am in transition, the pricing is still fairly low to be able to stream all of the training I’ve ever done from either your desktop or the free teachable app. Get it here while it’s still technically a Black Friday offer and before the next price increase to $97 (and then to $197 next year):