Today, I added a video to the download page of the advanced version showing you and your customers how to use StreamYard to rebrand PLR videos.  You can use it as part of the course or you could even use it as a lead magnet for the rest of the course. There is a watermarked version of the video on our channel. Go here to get the basic course (make sure to go all the way to get the advanced course also): 

Go here to see the watermarked version of the video: 

Go here to see my presentation yesterday for my local Meetup on the subject of Video Rebranding: 

Rebrand Your Video Course with Checklists and Cheat Sheets 

Another way to rebrand your videos within your course is to add in content.  Amy Harrop has put together a tool that you could use to build in a cheat sheet. Here is how to use it: 

Take the hand transcripts of the videos in the StreamYard (or any course). And use the Tip Upload feature within her application to basically create another version of the video. It would be quite clever and one thing that others wouldn’t do.  Listen in here to my interview with Amy: