As I told you this morning, there are two software apps that I think can help you if you’re looking for some tools to help you to sell your Learning Center.   I did a resource review of the first one tonight. 

There is an app being released called Cloudfunnels.  I’ve had some time to play around with it. You will own the application outright without a monthly fee (and, noooo, it isn’t WordPress based).  It will allow you to set up all of your PLR offers as lead-ins for your learning center. Take a look at it here:

Setting Up Your Learning Center As Part of Your Funnel 

What I have been suggesting is that you take any of our basic level video courses and offer them on the front end.  You put that offer on your Cloudfunnels platform. Then as your upsell, you’d offer monthly access to your learning center. 

There is a membership feature inside of Cloudfunnels, but I wouldn’t use it for your video learning center. If the buyer says no to the learning center offer, you then send them to your downsell which will be the Advanced version of the video course.  You’d put that on the page platform. Of course on the download page, you will have your offer for your learning center yet again. 

As part of my additional resources package, I will be giving you a video showing you how to get your PLR HTML pages into the platform as well as a full set of our professionally created graphics.   You should make sure you have a firm understanding of the Learning Center business model as I laid it out here:

The Most Important Element is the Content 

The most important element for your Learning Center is consistent content.  And we created a home for you to make sure you have it. Ultimate Insiders is where not only will we deliver fresh content for you every month, we’ll also make sure you have all of the updates that we do.  

On June 1st, we will end the grandfather clause, and the content available to you will be that which we create in June and after.  Additionally, as fair warning, we will be looking at our next price increase from $27 to $37 monthly. Ultimate Insiders is content as well as support for you to build out your business.  Get access to it here:

Last Mention   

This will be my last mention for Video Hosting Discount on Kaptiwa.  As you know, they allowed Zoo to promote it and gave them a new discount code. Since ours had ended, I went to the JV Manager to ask him if it was okay if you were to use it. Well actually, what I said was…”I am going to go ahead with this, please let me know if that’s not okay…” Anyway, you can use these codes when you get to the page: 
For The Starter Version:  “jvzsplstart” for 67% OFF
For The Commercial Version “jvzsplpro” for 67% OFF 
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