The request that Ultimate Insiders have been making recently is that Laurel and I do something on the product creation process.  So, we’re taking a break from tech to do an on-screen over the shoulder step by step process of the sales funnel process including e-mail automations.  (I am personally really looking forward to tackling this.  It’s like going back to my roots.) 

The course will be Sales Funnel Playbook PLR and I’ll announce a formal launch date once I look at the calendar. This will be considered as an ‘update’ so Ultimate Insiders (currently closed to the public) will get this in addition to anything else we release this month. To that end, we’ve decided to tie the release to the re-opening of the program.  That means that you’ll get the choice the day before the launch of signing up as an Insider to get Sales Funnel Playbook or getting it the next day as part of the launch/release. You can make sure that you’ll get notice by being on our waitlist where we will send first notification here:

Updates to Ultimate Insider 

In case you missed it, I just added the promised community forum piece to the site and sent you an email. Please go in and introduce yourself and I’ll start adding in discussions there.  

Success Path for Video PLR Users 

Video PLR users come in all shapes and sizes.  You are consultants, content marketers and infoproduct sellers. I wanted to take today to point you to our training channel. If you go to YouTube and search for my name or GainMindshare you will see it.  You can search that channel for over years of my 700+ training videos on PLR. Even better, here’s the link:


You can also become an Ultimate Insider and save time by using keyword based search.  I am moving all of my training inside of Ultimate Insiders to make it easy for you to find what you want.  Go here to take a look:

Two Recently Released Titles 

There have been two recently released titles that we’ve talked about.  One is a written guide to how to use PLR which was put together by Arun Chandran. We added resources here: 

The other was a reseller package for people that want to help people to create memes and social media art. If you look carefully, the emphasis is for users–which you may not be.  But you can sell to people that are into doing memes.  Go here to see it: