This week, we have been talking in specifics about positioning yourself as an educator in your subniche.  In other words, once you’ve niched down and you still have competition…you are going to start the process by building: 

1) A Weekly Workshop
2) A Learning Center 

That weekly workshop is your “content factory” as Legendary John Reese called it years ago. The workshop video will be the foundation you will use as your content for your YouTube channel, your podcast and your social media content.  To do that, you need resources. Typically, we don’t allow our Videos to be used on YouTube so as not to devalue the content.  But, what we’ve done in recent months is to put together packages of: 

1) Over the shoulder slide presentations
2) The machine transcriptions
3) The hand edited transcriptions 

This means that you can use our “Workshop Video Kits” in order to create your own YouTube videos or workshops.  It would also be easy for you to pick and choose the videos you want to narrate and use them in limited cases.