Tonight, Ultimate Insider closes indefinitely to the public tonight. At this point, Laurel wants to keep it closed only to reopen it 3-4 times per year.  I’d like to reopen it sooner and keep it open.   We’re likely to meet in the middle, but we’ll see what happens… 

Right now, as we speak, I am finishing up Microsoft Teams as what is technically a “May” title.  And everyone that’s signed up has access to all benefits since I’ve restarted in March. I need to close right now to make some improvements to the member area and the overall program.  When I raise the price, I want there to be no questions. Right now, the fact that you’re getting access to a cloud based Learning Center platform alone is enough for me to raise the price even if I gave you no content.  But of course, I don’t want you to join for that reason…so, go here while the gittin’ is good:

New PLR – Instagram Checklists

Today, Kevin Fahey has released some new Instagram PLR checklists.  We’ve assembled some good resources for you to use to take advantage of it. Basically, we’ve assembled a WP social plugin (personal use) and two video courses that you can use now to create a larger project. To get our resources and the PLR, go here:

WordPress PLR + 2 Additional Video Courses 

We added in two additional WordPress video courses to the already decent video training in WordPress.  We also added in some personally created content on Alternative Authority Content Creation. Once again, I think no matter how you put this inside of your Learning Center (different combinations) you’ll have something totally unique. If you think about it, you’ll have several sets of graphics to choose from if you go the route of creating one large course.  Go here to get our bonuses and the PLR:

Personal Note 

The other day, I finally got my van down to our “guy” in order to do a state inspection.  I promise you that there has not been ONE state inspection I’ve done since moving to Pennsylvania that cost me less than $300. This was even the case the one (and only time) I bought a car brand new. Took it to the guy the next year…$327. 

When you join Ultimate Insider, you’ll be getting a lot for what you’re putting up for your business every month.  The other week, I did an update about that which you can watch here: