On June 1st, Ultimate Insider will close to the public.  That is so that Laurel and I can launch a new member area, be specific about join dates, and finish the community and get the new and improved learning library started. We haven’t decided when we will re-open to the public and what the pricing will be at that time. 

This week, we are concerned with completing Microsoft Teams PLR as our superstar designer just completed the graphics. Teams will be launched to current active Insiders this week or weekend at the latest  That will be the Full Funnel course for the Month of May. 

We’re not exactly sure when we’ll launch that Teams PLR course to the public (or if we will launch to the public) although it’s likely to come before we bring back the new Ultimate Insider. When Ultimate Insider comes back online, the grandfather clause will no longer be available by default to new members.  To get signed up go here: 

What Academy Pro Does For PLR Users 

I’m sorry if it seemed like I was trying to discourage you from getting Academy Pro.  I didn’t mean to play the “wet blanket” with you. I tried really hard to tell you what you need and what you don’t need. But, I over did it. 

One of the things I like about the people like you (reading this) that purchase or acquire content from Laurel and I is that you’re not helpless.  You’re not looking for paint by numbers…you’re looking for guardrails and an occasional push. And I’ve always wanted to do business with people like that… 

So, let me go in the other direction today to tell you what it does, and let you decide whether it fits your business model. It is a course delivery platform.  It’s basically (even though they don’t say it) a way to deliver your content and have a member area without having to create a membership site. And it allows you to display all of your courses in one place so that once somebody finishes, let’s say, the course on Zoom…you would have the Streaming Video for them to be able to take also. 

They’re comparing it to Udemy… But, it’s there so that you can sell multiple courses on whatever platform you like (W+, Zoo, etc).  Go here to see our brief demo: 

Why I Like This Page Builder 

I must admit, I like what Cyril has done with the page builder, but probably not for the reason that he intended. One of the first things I asked him when I heard about this was if you could import HTML pages. When he said yes, I was pretty excited about what it could mean for PLR users. 

Because here is what I’d like to see you be able to do–easily add in your bonuses to any PLR sales page without fooling around with the HTML.  I’m not going to be all hype-y and tell you that it’s a “game changer” but it really does change things. It means that once you have it and you know how to use it, you should be adding multiple bonuses to all of your offers. And as you know incentives matter. I will be doing some tutorials on it this week, so keep your eyes on the group as well as on our training channel. Go here: 

Personal Note   

Laurel and I both had a conversation with our girls last night about a class they’re in for the summer.  Their prof is making them read the Wall Street Journal every day. I could not be happier. (If I could sneak their prof money and a steak dinner on the side, I would.) I’ve been asking them to do it every day for years…and I actually think they wanted to comply.  But being forced to do things seems to accomplish what wanting to doesn’t always do. 

The pandemic is forcing people to reconsider how they generate incomes.  And it’s where you and I have lived for years. I hope that you’ll consider breaking out and leading in your niche.  People are ready to listen.  People who probably made fun of you by saying or asking, “why do you sit at your computer all of the time?” or “what is exactly is it that you’re doing on your computer? are NOW ready to hear you. 

Think outside of IM for a second. “Civilians” (as Dan Kennedy calls them) have their ears open and they’re looking for regular reliable voices. Tell them what you know.   Even I am coming back to social media to open my mouth and be a voice.  And if you know me, you know how much I am a cynic when it comes to social media. But I recognize that if people like you and I don’t open our mouths, this will leave the general public to the loudest voices, the hype-iest people and the ‘wolves’ they’re forced to listen now.  Be a voice. That’s what we’ll be talking about here: 


BTW…Feel free to connect with me on your favorite social media.  It may take me a while to get to you, but I will connect back.  Eventually. 😉