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I am going to personally help you to remove every roadblock to help you build a profitable online business if you're one of the small number of marketers who become part of this exclusive weekly webinar coaching program...

I am going to personally help you to remove every roadblock to help you build a profitable online business if you're one of the small number of marketers who become part of this exclusive weekly webinar coaching program...

It's finally time for somebody to step in to walk you through setting up your online business to profit in the market YOU choose.

From: Charles Terrence Harper

To: You IF you want to build a real online business

Perhaps you think that statement above is a little gutsy, and a little strong.

But that's ok.

It is.

You see, there are alot of people out there who say crazy things like "invest with me and you'll make a million dollars on autopilot


And that's just...well...rubbish.

You see, there is no such thing as "autopilot riches"

However, there IS a tried and true, step by step way of building a dependable online business with real products and real expertise - and I am proof of that, because I've been a full time product creator since 2011.

So for me - it isn't just theory - it works.

But it wasn't always that way.

You see, when I got started online, there was tons of material available on how to build a business online, just like there is today - and just like today, it was really frustrating because you could buy one manual that would tell you one thing, another that would tell you something else, and still another with another foolproof way to build your business.

Isn't that frustrating? Have you experienced that, where you buy material to learn something, and you don't quite get it, so you buy something else...and it doesn't really help??? In fact, you might even have an "aha" moment where it all makes sense...but when you go to apply it to your business....you simply get stuck?

I know how that feels, because I felt that way ALOT my first years online...

In fact, I often felt like I was spinning my wheels, trying out program after program, trying to find the solution that was going to get me out of the hole. And program after program, it always felt like something was missing, like I was only getting a part of the picture.

You ever feel like that?

I can tell you this, it wasn't easy learning how to do all the right things to make the money come in.

And I had to work hard not just to build my business, but also to figure it all out...what has to happen to create consistent income online.

And ever since then, ever since I "cracked the code" to creating a sustainable online business from scratch, I wanted to create a weekly webinar training program that would literally give someone else a step by step blueprint for building their own business, without having to go through all the trial and error.

And trust me, it wasn't easy to create.

And the reason is, that there are so many "parts" to do in an online business, that it is hard to know what teach first, second, and so on.

And perhaps you have bought trainings in the past that felt like that. They just weren't organized. They didn't have the right things in the right order. And that happens a lot.

So in the process of creating step by step path to teach you how to create a product library online...and I have created a lot of them, 300- 500 hours or more of teachings, plus the thousands of courses and the training manuals I have been responsible for creating for other marketers.

But now I have decided I simply want to give back and GIVE you some of my very strongest training, on a weekly basis to teach you step by step exactly what to do, WHY you do it and how to do it to build a sustainable business online.


But I also want you to have access to long term continued training, so that you don't just get a fast start, but then you don't have the support you need to continue your progress.

Has that ever happened to you....you bought a training program, and you learned alot the first couple of months...but then a few months in, you got stuck on something...and there was no additional teaching or support to get you through it? And then you ultimately gave up?


The Answer: The New Ultimate Insider Training and Coaching Program

Here's What's Inside...

Component One: LIVE Weekly Training

Each Week we'll cover one part of a four part series of the internet marketing process.  We'll be there live to answer your questions and show you the WHY to do as well as the WHAT to do.

Component Two: A Limited Edition PLR Product with Transferable PLR Rights

The month following...we'll convert that training into an exclusive premium LIVE PLR product with professional graphics and sales materials.   You'll get immediate access to this month's product.

Component Three: The Full Funnel of One of Our PLR Products Once Monthly

Each Month, we'll hand select one of our PLR Offerings and make them available to you just for being a Member.

Component Four: Access To Our Monthly Ultimate Insider PLR Fundamentals Training

Each Month, you'll get exclusive access to our Ultimate Insider 52 Session Series on PLR Marketing Fundamentals.


Perhaps you're reading this...because you are looking for a complete solution, a solution that will continue to teach you after the first few months, or the first few trainings.

So here is what I have decided....

EVERY MONTH, I want to GIVE you 4 weeks of very strongest webinar training, in addition to my cornerstone ULTIMATE INSIDER 30 DAY CHALLENGE TRAINING for internet marketing success, its a total of over 17 hours of detailed instruction, teaching you exactly what to do and why to do it.

So, I'm basically giving you everything you need to Succeed with PLR as an internet marketer...


The only thing I ask is that you will use the material, and start building and growing your business. Because let me ask you this...if you were to apply all my information in your business, and you were to start making real money online....it would be a no-brainer to continue paying me $97 per month to help you grow your business to bigger and bigger levels, wouldn't it?

And of course, if my training doesn't work for you - you can simply cancel it at anytime, you can even get a refund for your payment, that's totally fair, isn't it?

So I've made it really easy for you to learn...and learn fast.

You get over 17 hours of my strongest training, plus exclusive access to my WEEKLY WEBINAR training program...

You get at least one of my PLR Product Releases every month with generous Master Resell Rights

Oh, and did I mention that you get PLR Rights and Resell Rights to the training itself?

Sound good?

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