Ever since we’ve been serious about PLR, we do an annual 4th of July sale.  Every year we find a different way to give you access to our content for $7.40. This year is the same.  Go here to get it: 

But I need to let you know a few rules: 
1.) I probably won’t warn you when the sale will end.  The page will redirect to Ultimate Insider and it will be over. 
2.) There will be an upsell.  It will be E-Learning Playbook.  This will be the last stretch of time it will be available at launch pricing. When the 4th of July sale ends, it will increase in price significantly. 
3.) The content comes with unlimited/unrestricted rights.  That means that if someone gets to it first and starts working with it…as long as they don’t use my name, I really won’t be looking to stop them regardless of how it’s being used. 
4.) Ultimate Insiders should use the coupon for 20% off in your inbox.  If you don’t see it, please write me in support before you make your purchase.  
5.) If you didn’t get the content through this offer, you don’t have unlimited/unrestricted rights to everything.   

So, that’s pretty much it…I am certain that you will find a use for this.  If nothing else, add ALL of the content to your video Learning Center and call it a day. Go here to get it: 


PS…If you’re looking to get the PLR on PLR, I obviously did NOT include those bonuses in our 4th of July sale.  To get them, go here: