Yesterday, I told you about a bundle that I bought for the Ultimate Insider group.  It’s a 3D graphics package that has unrestricted rights. So, if you’re not (yet) an Ultimate Insider, you can get access to this bundle along with a live graphics course I did live with unrestricted rights.  Get it here: 

Or go direct to the page here:

New PLR + Live Training with Rights 

I am doing a training on the Microsoft bundle of productivity tools that I learned about and started using ever since working with Microsoft Teams. It finally makes Microsoft Outlook more than just a glorified email management tool and calendar. It’s a good fit with the new PLR released titled, “The Productive Solopreneur” which is all about achieving balance in your work from home. Go here to get the training plus our additional resources:

Personal Note 

Yesterday, a close friend of our family asked me about what the best way would be for her to sell her t-shirts and books from the same platform.  She would be driving her own traffic, as she is a fairly popular speaker in our local area. It was finally enough to push me forward and I’m using it as an excuse to get moving on some long overdue things. 

That’s what the Hackathon is for you. It’s a “push” to get you to take the time to build your Learning Center over the next four weeks. All you have to do is keep up with the training. Tonight is Session Two and we’ll talk about integrations. I’m also going to talk about a key factor in putting together your learning center in CoachZippy.  Make sure you’re signed up and there at 7 PM EST. Go here to get in: