I’ve decided to set the 25 videos on Internet Marketing free from the restriction on the rights. Note that you can get them only as part of this recommendation of the “at home” content. The running time on the course is a mere 94 minutes; go here to get it: 

I Gave Up 

I’d ask the same question over and over again when it comes to project management systems, even of my favorites (Basecamp and Wunderlist), and the question was always…does it integrate with Outlook? 

I realize that some people use other systems, but I grew up on Outlook.  Don’t judge me.  That’s what I WANT to use. And I know I’m not alone.  You can teach those people that are your customers a cloud based system for managing their projects that does integrate with Outlook (without having to use Zapier or some other connector). Go here before the launch price rises on our PLR videos: 

Dave and LinkedIn 

Yesterday, I sat down to talk to Dave Espino about his LinkedIn project.  I wanted to find out if this is something that you as a video PLR user would find helpful. Listen in on our conversation here (there is a button there for you to get the guide). I’ve read through the guide and you’ll hear my thoughts on the call. Go here: