There are content packages that we are still recommending to you when you get them with our additional resources.  Basically what you’ll have is increased flexibility when it comes to putting together a different product (which is what you want). You should not always use the same sales page as everyone else and sometimes not even the same set of videos.   That is definitely the case with the WordPress package… get it here with our resources:

Daily Training Tonight at 8 PM EST 

Tonight at 8 PM, we’ll be streaming a new training video into the the Facebook Group.  We’ll also be streaming it live through our training channel. It’s possible that we may stick with this format going forward. When you get to the Facebook group, you may have to look for the specific post where the training is going live every night.  Or you can just head to the live site here.

What’s The Point of the Training 

It’s taken me quite a while to figure out what I’ve been teaching and driving toward all of these years.  If you were to visit my training channel (hopefully you are subscribed, my friend), you’d see that I have been uploading rather technical videos for quite some time. So,what’s the point of the training? I think if I were to sum up and make closing arguments, it would all be here: