While I am still a believer in what Jay Abraham calls a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), I think that most selling that you and I do–in particular, if you’re going to sell the PLR that you have from us–will happen long before the customer gets to the sales page. If you’re going to position yourself as an educator, you need a Unique Teaching Proposition (UTP). That can only happen when you’re giving regular training and building trust with your prospects and customers. It’s what we talked about last year in E-Training Playbook…doing a weekly workshop. 

But what I am finding with our Ultimate Insiders is that the sticking point isn’t delivering or doing the live workshop (YouTube Live, Facebook Live, IG Live, Webinar or Clubhouse Talk), it’s actually writing a presentation that pre-sells the PLR product. More people would do it, if that hurdle had been overcome… And so Xtreme 2.0 is basically me giving you the workshop content that I use in my local meetup so that you can: 
1) Tweak it to your market
2) Deliver workshops on a regular basis 

Why Do a Live Workshop to Pre-Sell?  Isn’t That What a Lead Magnet Is For?

All of our Video PLR comes with a recorded video ‘lead magnet.’ But if the person visiting your page isn’t convinced before they get there, the likelihood of them opting-in in to your list to get your super-fancy professionally designed rebranded high gloss piece of content is small. You have probably noticed this when you put your content out there. 

Are you getting lots of opt-ins with any of your lead magnets of any kind? I bet you don’t. BUT it has nothing to do with the content itself or the PLR or the graphics.  Or whatever.   It has to do with the fact that there is no urgency in getting it and no personal connection.  

The good news? All of this is fixable.  You can provide urgency and you can provide personal.  Prospects want to connect with real regular people (like you) and their unique ideas, personality and take on things. The days of being a ‘headless horseman’ in IM have long ended. I will buy from you, not your anonymous, nameless, faceless website that I just saw in a social media post. So, how do you create that personal and urgent touch before a person gets to your opt-in page?  By doing a pre-sell live training on a regular basis.