Today is the last day for launch pricing with the Courserious Platform.  It is the most recent entry into platforms to help you easily put up your courses and make them available for sale.   If you are building a Learning Center in the way that I have been teaching it in E-Learning Playbook ,then you need to have it so that you can deliver all of your PLR Video courses as one course and charge monthly for it. To use Courserious this way: 
1) You’ll need to create one “master” course
2) You’ll need to use a shopping cart
3) You’ll need to admit and eject subscribers based on their payment status 

Go here to get the Platform:

Course Platforms and Delivery Systems 

Every system that you encounter and put together to execute this will need to have workarounds.  There is no push button system that does everything that we’re teaching. The thing is to make it easy for the customer to administer.  If you can do this, you’re less likely to lose subscribers due to frustration. Unfortunately the key is for you to deal with as much of the imperfections to your delivery solution as you can and offload it to staff. The key to E-Learning Playbook is that you no longer focus on the logistics of individual PLR courses.   You are branding the experience for your customer. That must become your sole focus. We give Ultimate Insiders (as long as I have licenses) platforms to test and to use for this purpose of delivering video content.  For example, we still have licenses for: 
1) Academy Pro and
2) CoachZippy 

Which one will help you most?  That will depend on what you’re doing and how you want to deliver them to your customer.  Go here to sign up as an Insider:

Ultimate Insiders and 2nd Black Friday 

I will be doing a 2nd Black Friday sale for all of my 2020 content for Ultimate Insiders.  That means that I will be creating codes for 50% off the launch price from Friday to Monday. You will find the discount codes in the Member Area at Midnight PST on Friday. 

Of course, Thinkific PLR, which we just released, will be in your November 2020 Folder already so there will be no need for you to go back in time.  But if you’ve missed any of our content, that will be the best way to get it. As I have said before, the only way to get our PLR discounted is as an Ultimate Insider.  Become one here: