I spent the late eighties going to college in Philadelphia, and one of my favorite commercials was for a local electronics retailer called Crazy Eddie’s. The actor they hired was probably the most memorable I’ve seen in all of my 54 of watching commercials. He used to do a Christmas in July or August Sale and he’d wear a Santa Claus hat and have people throw things at him while he yelled and talked really fast about what they had that week. His tagline was “Crazy Eddie’s prices are Insaaaane!” 

If I had the guts, I’d put on my own Santa hat and do something similar, but you’d probably think I was a little nutty.  Insane, if you would. The deal for our 4th of July sale doesn’t need me to do that. It’s got its own built in “why-are-they-doing-this.”  And it’s only available for a brief period, and then it will be over. Go here, while it’s still here: