Last night I pre-sold The PLR Playbook which you probably already have…but it’s an evergreen course so it still matters.  As I said in my podcast, it’s too complicated for me to hide the PLR business from the people in the Local Meetup.  So, I will just teach them about this side of the business also. If you have customers that purchase PLR and you want to teach them, you could use The PLR Playbook. 

Basically what I did was to take the first four videos and turn them into a 30 minute workshop.  Later on today, I will bundle up that PowerPoint (which is really from the video course) and the transcript and make it available for Ultimate Insiders to use to do a workshop. That workshop to pre-sell any course about the subject of PLR…not just The PLR Playbook. Go here to sign up as an Ultimate Insider: 

Go here to watch the replay:

I Finally Caught Up to Tiffany 

Typically, when Tiffany does one of these Limited Time deals I am so late with it…you get to the page and it’s either sold out or it goes to an invalid link. But today, I got to hear about this before she released it. It is a good blog subject or inside of your Learning Center.  Go here to get it: