In an effort to keep things cleaner and
easier for you, I’d like to let you know
when I am strictly talking about PLR
other than ours. I will do this by
calling it a review note in the
subject line.

I won’t always be reccomending
someone else’s PLR. So, when
I do…it will be because I think it
will fit what I’ve been talking to
you about in some way in our
training and in our group.

That way, if you don’t want to see
anyone else’s PLR but our videos,
you can skip them. What I’d like to
do is to send them in the mornings
(although today’s is late) and send
our full newsletters in the afternoons
and evenings.

We’ll note these in the subject line
by calling them the day’s update.
For example, anything pertaining
to our training, podcasts, group
we’ll do it in that update.

Today’s Review So, now that
this is out of the way I’ll continue to
tell you about the bundle we
recommended to you yesterday.

I’ve added in a second video course
since that time that you can now
use along with the resources I’ve
passed on to you.

The one I added today is also on
site speed and you can use it
along with the other content. The
good thing is that there are
transcripts included

Strategy If you were to use every
thing that we’ve given you here,
you’d be able to create one massive
course or several modules of a
weekly training session. Additionally,
you could easily use each video as
content on your site to keep your
visitors occupied.

Either way, the course added today
will give you even more flexibility.
You can get access to all of the
contents here