Yesterday, I not so subtly announced that I would be launching Teams to the Public.  I had originally decided I would delay it, but it has taken so much time to perfect it that I have to go ahead and move it into the position I had for Etsy or Teachable. Ultimate Insiders will have this title added to the membership.  So, they should make sure to get it only from the new member page (wait for my email). This title will not be in the new Ultimate Insider when it reopens, even if that’s June.  It’s only for active members at this time. Here is what’s happening as the week ends:  

WordPress PLR Launch Pricing Ends Tonight at Midnight 

Tonight is the last night for launch pricing as well as our additional resources.  By now, since it’s been over a week, I’m sure you’ve seen the two additional video courses we’re adding to the content.   Go direct to the page here to get our resources and the PLR: 

If You’ve not seen our additional resources go see them here before you get the PLR.  You’ll see the link until tomorrow night inside of the check-in area:

How to Take Bitcoin to Sell Your Digital Products 

In case you missed it, I re-released an old training I did on the topic recently.  But if you get my set of videos, you’ll get the entire remaking of the subject. You get them when you get the recent release of PLR that was created on the topic. Go and watch the training here before you get the PLR: 

Or go direct to the page here: 


PS…Don’t forget, we are releasing videos live daily on our YouTube PLR training channel, as well as in our Facebook group every night at 8 PM EST.