The year Laurel and I got married, there was a song by a rap/hip hop group called Naughty by Nature, called O-P-P.  Now, neither Laurel nor I am a fan of the subject matter of the song (as a man with two daughters). But if we were to change the lyrics to be about PLR, I could be down. 

Down with O-P-P–as in, other people’s PLR. 

So, as I am getting ready for our PLR launch next week of Mailchimp over-the-shoulder instructional videos (yes, these will go to Ultimate Insiders), I wanted to mention three other vendor’s PLR and the content we added to it. 

1) Francis Ochoco’s Software PLR 
We added in 20 AWeber videos to this PLR package, which you will get access to in the checkout area.  We added in an additional 20 advanced videos which are available in with any of the upgrades. Go here to get our bonus and the PLR:

2) Omar Martin’s Black Friday Offer (with some PLR) 
This is technically not a PLR offer.  But it does have quite a few items that you’re getting as PLR in there.  There’s more to it than that. And so that you don’t get buried in an avalanche of stuff and overwhelmed, my bonus to you is to spend one hour to discuss what you want to do in your business. I’ll also give you a copy of a presentation that I think was so very good that you will benefit just from watching it.  I asked Omar to give me a copy to give to you from one of his past products. Go here to get our bonus and the package:

3) Firelauncher’s Cardio Master 
This is obviously NOT a business title.  But I talked to the creator about giving you commercial rights. And he agreed. Let me explain.  When you purchase Cardio Master, you would purchase it as a consultant for one client. And you’d be setting it up for them to sell. The license would basically be for your customer to use.  If you chose to sell it to the fitness market it would become your license. So to teach your customer how to sell to their customer as an online marketer, the FB Live PLR that we created would be a great way to show them how to do it. So, when you get this PLR, that is what we will give you access to–20 over-the-shoulder, personally created videos so that your customer can market and sell the product that you set up for them. Of course, to set up an information product for someone that they are going to sell, you should ask for what this kind of thing is worth. You shouldn’t sell this service cheap. And you’ll definitely separate yourself from most of the marketers using this PLR.  Go here to get it:

Tiffany Lambert’s Brief PLR Offers 

My colleague Tiffany has been doing some quick hitter titles recently.  So many that I haven’t been able to keep up long enough to put together bonuses for them. So basically, what I’ll say is that you’ll want to check the link regularly. Because when they sell out, she takes the page down.  There’s then a lag of a day or so, and they she shares the new one with me. So, as of this moment…quite honestly I don’t even know what she’s doing. I trust her though, because, like me she, does her own writing and her own research.  And she takes great care to make sure it’s accurate and right. Bookmark or memorize this URL for the rest of the holiday season.  And as I said, just keep checking back: