The question that comes up is what you’d do with 100+ PLR videos that you pick up before I end this special 4th of July sale here: 

First and foremost, you would add them instantly to your Learning Center, just as I teach in E-Learning Playbook.  This would give you the foundation for creating some kind of continuity or membership income. It would also save you time by branding without going through the trouble of customizing the videos: 

Regardless, you’d want to think more broadly than just outright selling them.   You could take any one of the sets of the content and add them to your virtual summit. This is actually the way I did mine.  I made it not only for those that wanted to see the speakers, but I made it for people that wanted to create content also. You could do that with any one one of the content sets by giving it to your summit attendees if they choose to upgrade to your paid access.   Go here to see my process for doing and teaching summits:

Personal Note 

When I first got started, I would always buy really expensive programs.  The reason was that I was thinking like a consumer–“you get what you pay for.” You can guess how that went… Then I started thinking that I’d buy things that would help me automate stuff.  I had a hard drive full of software and login/password combos. Much of it is still there. 

What I didn’t do much of, though, was purchase inventory…which is pretty much what PLR is once you understand and have perspective. But it’s hard to get perspective until you get your figurative behind kicked a couple of times by IM. That’s why I took 17 hours to explain the perspective you (or your customers if you use the PLR rights) need before you can sift through what’s for you and not for you in IM. It was what I wished I could go back in time to tell myself. But no worries…I’ll just tell you instead.  Get it here: