Now that our Learning Center is built, we want to begin focusing in on providing you more content.  Next up is YouTube Live followed by Thinkific.  By now, you should already have your own copy and clearly see how we’re doing a Learning Center.   Note: At the point at which we do our next release, the Learning Center will go up in price and go into our funnel permanently. Get it here at the Black Friday pricing bundled with unique content:

How to Get An Upgraded Version of the Learning Center 

There is an even better version of our Learning Center for Ultimate Insiders. In it, you have all of our 2020 content in addition to the 100+ courses in the one for the PLR Show Community. That’s not the only thing in Ultimate Insiders. You will be getting access to the titles I mentioned above and others that I won’t mention for the rest of this year. In addition, you get access to software to help you with your PLR video (as long as I have licenses), including: 
Vidscribe (contact us in Support for set up)
Webinarloop (contact us in Support for set up)
CoachZippy (contact us in Support for set up)
Academy Pro (contact us in Support for set up) 

This is not only to get video PLR but to help you to put it to use. Plus, you’re getting all of the coaching and instruction necessary to turn your video PLR into what you want it to be. Go here:

Why I’m Doing a Learning Center  

The reason I am releasing my own Learning Center is that: 
1) I will be selling my own video PLR to my local Meetup
2) You will see how doable it really is
3) You will now have all of the teaching I’ve done on how to use your PLR and run your online business. 

When you get in and use this Learning Center the way it’s intended, you will see just how possible building your own is.  It doesn’t have to look like mine.  It only has to be one place where people can pay and get access to everything. Get your access here: