What is the coolest part of what you’re doing online? Is it your product offerings, affiliate relationships, launches or even learning new things? 

I can say that most recently, the coolest part of what we do is the 15 minute Ultimate Insider onboarding calls. Getting to hear a voice behind the name really gives life to the videos we’re creating as well as why we create them. For context, every Ultimate Insider when they join can set up a time to chat for 15 minutes by phone, GoToWebinar or even Zoom.  It’s a great time for me to get to know who I am serving. 

I’ll be honest with you; once I put it out there on the Sales page, I thought…”Charles, what did you get yourself into?” But not only do I not mind the personal time, I actually now look forward to it. But to a person, everyone that has set up a call with me has made what I personally do online enjoyable and makes me look forward to everything I do in the group.  It fires me up to look for cool resources to add. 

And at that onboarding call we talk about the 2nd bonus offer, which is for me to do a 15 minute promotional interview.  My way of kicking off their use of Video PLR, or whatever the case may be. It really is, regardless of how busy I am, the coolest part of IM for me. 

But I get that the most important part of Ultimate Insiders is the stuff: 
1) One Full Funnel every month
2) All of my product updates (Zoom was an update)
3) One Monthly Q and A
4) Priority Support to ask Laurel and I absolutely anything… 
Note #4 is most valuable, honestly because If we don’t know the answer, we’ll go get it.  Also, it’s your chance to get another set of eyes on something that you’re doing online before you do it, and to benefit from whatever mistakes we’ve made. 

And there’s more stuff to come. I try not to emphasize the bonus software too much, mainly because that is not the point of a PLR membership and because the licenses I have will eventually run out.  But one of the members, Richard, basically told me I needed to talk it up more. 

So…there is also (while I have licenses): 
1) Access to a Cloud Based Learning Center Platform for as long as you remain a member  ($67/mo value) 
2) Access to a Transcription and Translation Desktop App ($9/ mo. value) 

I’m told repeatedly that one of the best ways for me to provide value to the people inside is to raise the price and limit access.  I am on my way to doing that. As soon as we can calculate $370 value monthly, which is 10X $37….we will raise the price to $37 monthly. We are well on our way with some things I will be telling you about soon. If you’re not a member, you can get started here: 


PS…we’re still recommending the PLR from Kevin where we give you access to an hour long, 10 video course to use as your own.