This weekend I will be raising the price on E-Learning Playbook.  And because it didn’t look like a regular set of videos and it was priced a bit higher, you may have thought it was something you could skip. That’s not the case. It answers the question, “What should I do with all of my video PLR?” I’m sure you or your customers have at some time had that question. This was 6+ sessions and over 2:30 hours to answer.   

If you’re not teaching this, you’re probably teaching: 
1) Start a YouTube channel (if the rights allow…which many times they don’t. 
2) Sell it as its own product (but branding the videos is time consuming) 
3) Use it as content on your website (you’re missing out on the revenue potential. 

All of those fall short of what video PLR can do for you.  E-Learning Playbook will fill in the gap. Now, in terms of pricing…it’s been at the current level for way too long.  That means that when Sunday ends…I’ll do the first $10 pricing increase (and eventually another). Go here and get it before the time ends:  

What is E-Learning Playbook PLR About? 

The title doesn’t sound super sexy.  But what the title explains really IS sexy. Rather than me taking the time to explain it in full, I’ll just say that you’ll want to know first that this is evergreen. But that I also took time to train it on Thanksgiving. If you missed it or you hadn’t come across our PLR, watch the training before the price increases on Sunday. I think you’ll ‘get it” right away: