Whether someone’s advice about what you should do is right or wrong typically depends on who you want as a customer.  If you want people in the Zoo/+ Market, the advice has specifics.  

But if you don’t want them on your list and you don’t want to serve them (there is nothing wrong with you if you don’t), then you could have somebody giving you good advice–but not for your market. 

This is typically why I like to have at least one 15 minute onboarding conversation with everyone that signs up as an Ultimate Insider.  (I do this in addition to a promotional interview for you) It’s so that I can be accurate in what I produce and provide as content to you. 

Targeting People who Target Young People 

This is one of the reasons that I recommended that you take a look at the TikTok PLR.  You and I don’t have to like the platform itself, or social media in general, for that matter. The thing is that your customers (or at least a fair number of them) need to know about this. 

You’re not targeting the people ON the platform, you’re targeting the people that want to reach the people on the platform.  That’s a big difference. So, I do have some broad resource that will help you to leverage the content, get them here: 


Or possibly the resources aren’t important to you as the over all content.  That’s a fair point.  Go here to get the PLR without listening to me yak about additional resources: 


Staring Their Learning Centers 

I’ve talked to at least two people that are looking to launch their own learning center with our video PLR. Honestly, this not only makes sense, but it’s also the best value for your customers. And it’s a good operation for you. Low stress. 

Keep adding good content to attract the people, then offer to upsell them into your monthly learning center.   I explained this business model in detail and gave your Private Label Rights to the content.  Get it here: