Tonight is the last night for launch pricing on the WordPress PLR video course released last week.  As a reminder, we have a series of additional resources that you can use along with this content.  To get full access the content and our resources before tonight’s deadline go here: 

If you would rather go straight to the page instead of hearing about our resources, go here:  

Our Most Recent PLR Training Videos 

At 8 PM in the evenings, we have been streaming video training for you to see.  The videos are different every night, but they always cover some aspect of your PLR journey. There are two ways to see the video live.  One way is to be a part of the Facebook Group.  Right now, you can go and see all of the videos that I have done over last couple of weeks if you scroll backwards here: 

You can also see the stream live on our channel at 8 PM.  This is our live YouTube page which is connected to our channel but is only active when we are broadcasting. So, to watch on YouTube…bookmark this URL and check it at 8PM.  There is also a way to get notified when they go live by clicking the bell.  And that’s actually good because you’ll also see resource reviews when we release them there too: 

You can also see an archive of the videos on YouTube.  Once you are there, make sure you subscribe and hit the bell so that you will see them when they’re released at 8 every evening. I have place them in a playlist here along with quite a bit of other video training:  

Personal Note   

This is where I would typically share something shameless about Ultimate Insider.  But right now it’s closed to the public while we make supercool changes inside. The Microsoft Teams project that I am finishing is one that they will be getting inside of the membership that, unfortunately, won’t be available to new members when they join. If we open up again in June (and we honestly don’t know if we will), this title won’t be available to new members. But it will be available to you next Friday when we release it to the public.  And boy, it has been difficult to complete. 

I am really saving your customers time and effort in figuring all of this out for them. You wouldn’t believe how hard Microsoft is making it for people to get this and use it.  But regardless, whether you get it free as an Insider or you get it when it’s released, Laurel and I got you covered. Right now, if you’re looking to get it when we reopen, we’re keeping a waiting list in support.  Contact us and we’ll notify you first with the best deal when we open Ultimate Insider back up.