Depending on who you’re teaching in your business, you will want to have some written content on your site for people to: 
1) See you as credible
2) Engage with to get them warmed up to buy 

Tiffany Lambert has released two limited edition PLR packages on two different subjects that you can use to keep people on your site long enough to: 
1) Purchase a product you’ve set up, or
2) Purchase an affiliate product 

You can also use this kind of content inside of the member area of your Learning Center, or even as part of your daily email education. Remember that when she does these there are only 50 copies total available.   

Set One:

Set Two:

We’ve Also Been Releasing Written Over-the-Shoulder Instructional Content 

You may not have seen it, but we’ve released our own set and form of written content, with more to come. First, we released a set of Amazon ACX Video Kits.  You can use this content to create your own videos or Kindle Books.   It teaches your customers how to create their own Audiobook for Audible on the Amazon Platform.  

***Note, if you are an Ultimate Insider, there are discount codes in the Member area for 26% off of the written content. Go here to get the ACX Video Kit: 

We did the same thing with the subject of Audacity. Go here to see it:

No Written Content: Strictly Business – Strictly Video 

I don’t talk a lot about written content; as you know, we’re pretty focused on video.  In particular, helping you to build your own video membership, which we call a Learning Center. One of the things that I suggest you have in your Learning Center in addition to written content are things for your subscribers to use. 

I am not a programmer, so when I see things that are relevant to the process of building a Learning Center, I will purchase it for Ultimate Insiders to use. I will purchase an “Agency License” that allows me to issue the software for members to use as long as they stay active.  For me it’s a nice perk to offer, so that Insiders know tangibly that they’re getting more than PLR products on a monthly basis. Naturally, I think you should do the same for any membership you’re running. If you’re following the Learning Center business model, it’s a must. 

So recently, Cyril released software for FB Ads. Buried in the funnel is a reasonably priced Agency License.   So, if you’re building a membership AND teaching Facebook advertising, one thing that you can do is to get the Agency License.   It’s a good way of showing people that not only are you going to teach them about Facebook ads, but if they stay subscribed you’ll give them a tool to use. I’m not sure what you’ll need to do to trigger the Agency License offer or where it occurs in the funnel.  The benefit of getting it during a launch like this is that the price is a one time price. What Cyril Typically does is to turn this to yearly or monthly after the launch.  Go here to get it: