I recently re-did Xtreme Business Makeover from a training course in the 1.0 version to pre-selling our PLR in the 2.0 version.  And with that, I am going to give you access to the pre-selling that I do. I did all of this so that you would not give yourself any more excuses as to why you’re not doing a weekly workshop and training… So, I have now changed Product Snowball Formula PLR which was: 
1) 21 Personally Created Over the Shoulder Instructional Tutorial Videos with Resell Rights
2) The Companion Mp3s
3) The Contextual Slides
4) The Machine Transcripts
5) The Hand Edited Transcripts By adding in Pre-Sell Content Packages for: 
A) Product Snowball Formula
B) The PLR Playbook
C) Streaming Video Playbook 
Each one includes: 
1) The PowerPoint Presentation (with Repurpose Rights)
2) The Machine Transcriptions (with Repurpose Rights)
3) The Video (For Personal Reference) 

I’ve also added training in Teachable on how to create your own regular workshop.  There is a live and a technical course. The only real limitation is that you can’t sell them as content (to resellers), but you can use them as your own content and workshops.  You can also use them to create your own products teaching new concepts to your customers. Lastly… Whenever I add a new workshop package, I will increase the pricing.   So, now there should be nothing between you and doing your own regular training.  Go here to get the new Xtreme Business Makeover 2.0: 

Or you can get it by being an Ultimate Insider (you’ll get all of the Pre-sell content first): 

To Find out what it’s all about, I’ve done two trainings.  One was yesterday: 

The other was in February: 

P.S. If you have Product Snowball Formula, you don’t need to repurchase to get the additional content.