Laurel just completed the Hubspot Social Media Marketing Certification.  And we didn’t do it just for vanity. We did it for you, so that you can use it. As we accumulate certifications this year, you should use that in your marketing of our courses as you rebrand them into yours. Laurel will be doing some trade level certifications with Hubspot and professional level certifications at Universities.  I hope to have time to pursue trade and product level certifications with Digital Marketer, Adobe and Microsoft. 

When you talk about this, you don’t have to use her name or my name in the copy.  What you can and should say is something like: “We work with instructors that are formally trained and certified to teach.” It will set you apart in your marketing and it will be absolutely true. That means that when you rebrand our Clubhouse course, you should absolutely use it to your advantage. I will update the PLR Show site with her certification later.  Go here to get the Clubhouse PLR videos:

The Xtreme Business Makeover Content is Ready 

I uploaded the machine transcripts today for Xtreme Business Makeover and also included a searchable database with the videos for you to use. o here to get it:

Included in the Stack  

We did include a retired product in Chad’s combo product.  It’s actually quite evergreen although I have ordered graphics so that it can be redone. I have included two plugins for you to use personally with this: 
1) Easy Download Pages Pro
2) Quick Download Page Protector Pro 

They will be in the checkout area.  Go here to see it:

Posts In The Member Area Regarding TikTok 

Today, I posted a few articles on my timeline and in the Facebook Group regarding TikTok.  They are all posted in the Ultimate Insider current month content. It may or may not be your cup of tea….yet. But they are looking to make it marketing friendly. That means that having the content will position you as an expert. 

I hope to have the course ready for Insiders in 3 days.  A day or to later, I will release to the broader PLR Show community. The videos are done and if you are an Ultimate Insider you can preview them in the Member Downloads Area in your February 2021 Folder. Go here to get signed up as an Ultimate Insider: