The fact that I live with three grown women (my wife, and two home-on-break college-aged daughters) isn’t lost on me. So, late night discussions typically don’t revolve about my beloved Chicago Bears or Bulls–not that they’d be opposed to that. They typically involve what life will look like for the two college-aged women/girls/kids. 

My contribution to the discussion is typically a project like the one that the three of them recently helped me to complete with the full transcripts and slide reproduction of the Amazon ACX video course. It’s now in a format that will allow you to redo the content in your own voice and create YouTube videos or anything else you want. Pick it up here:

26% Off for Ultimate Insiders 

We provided 26% off for you as an Ultimate Insider.  This is typical, although most of what we do ends up in your hands at no additional cost.  For example, I will be doing several additional courses this month.  Some of them are mini-additions and some are full blown remakes. Insiders will get them, in addition to the title you already have in your folder for December, which is our Mailchimp PLR.  

So, besides the additional perks, we are a video content membership.  And these days, that is what you’re going to need to have in order to engage. You need some to sell, some to share, and some to present.  This is how you’ll build and engage your niche.  Go here to watch our interest meeting: 

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