The advantage of understanding what we’ll be teaching in our upcoming PLR video course on Anchor is that their podcast will automatically be on Spotify in addition to Apple iTunes.  That puts them squarely in the cars of their customers and clients and makes them accessible via mobile app. 

I will be walking through the process, step-by-step, of getting set up and running with the content. We’re set to go this coming Friday although you can get access now as an Ultimate Insider.  It’s actually considered to be part of your August content:

Adding Branding to Your Videos 

Your business model may make it so that you want to add branded intros and outros to the PLR that you have from us. Recently, there was a video app released that does this. From what I can tell and see of it, you will have what you need with the basic level, especially if you’re building out a Learning Center. Get it here: