There are several closures over the next couple of days.  I want to make sure you’re aware of all of them.   In the case of vendors that I am recommending, their dates and times may be flexible.  I can tell you for a fact that mine will not be. So before we get to the closure…there was a recent PLR video course being released on the subject of WordPress.  We put together resources to go with it here: 

If you want to skip straight to the PLR page, go here:

Ultimate Insider Closes to the Public on June 1st at Midnight 

I can say that I’ve been pretty clear about this over the last couple of weeks.  Also anyone that joins after this date, the grandfather clause will no longer be in effect. When I reopen, the membership will be brand new with the same level of content but yet more helpful resources. To see what we’ve got planned go here:

Academy Pro’s Launch Price Ends Tomorrow at Midnight on the 31st 

Tomorrow night, Academy Pro’s launch pricing ends at midnight.  What the creator says is that it will go to monthly. I do believe that he means what he says. That said, you should have seen more than enough demos from me on the subject. The most recent one demonstrated how you can build a monthly continuity plan with Academy Pro. Go and see it here:

Personal Note

I have been thinking of doing a subject line for an email called,
“Dan Kennedy took my phone.”

  I may eventually do it because since I purchased his time management program last year, I’ve really taken to turning it fully off for much of the day. I do it now for the sake of figuring out when I want to have it on and when to tell people to call me. 

I haven’t figured that part out yet, because when I do tend to turn it on…it’s on fire (figuratively). BUT, since turning it off most of the day, I am able to get more done than I have in my life.   All of that while taming the beast that is social media in my journey back to being involved. I think the only reason I am back involved is for traffic reasons.  I need to figure out if there is any tangible benefit traffic wise. 

That said, methodologies are needed for that and in the case of the most recent guide released by Aurelius…at least there is one which is a starting point. It is a concept that you and I should teach even while we figure it out for ourselves.  That’s what PLR is for, though.  Get Aurelius’s PLR here (note though…its launch pricing ends tonight):