We are two steps away from building a portal for Ultimate Insiders.  I hope to be able to open it up and place the link sometime tomorrow.  I’ve asked Laurel to manage and administrate it as that is one of her super-powers.  I will be participating there for sure. 

We will try this for 60 days and if it works, we will continue it if you find a benefit from it. If not, we know that Ultimate Insiders is packed with value for you as an online marketer and is going to get even hotter in May and June. As of right now, Ultimate Insiders is: 

1) 1 Full Funnel Every Month

2) 1 Monthly Q and A

3) A Searchable Training Area for PLR Users (just added)

4) All of My PLR Updates  (Zoom PLR is next)

5) Priority Support (you are at the front of the line) 

Right now, as long as licenses are available…you can write support for us to set you up: 

1) On a Cloud Based Learning Center Platform

2) Transcription and Translation App for your Deskop 

These remain yours at our expense for as long as you are a member. Get signed up as an Ultimate Insider here: 


Non Gimmicky Way One 

As a coach or trainer, you should be looking for a non-gimmicky way to teach your customers and students to build their list and visibility.  I can’t think of a better way to to do it than to do their own summit…I say this from experience. I’m sure you know that there are several resources on the market.

In December of 2018, I bought one for $2K.  I’ve not been able to get through the 20+ hours…so it sits as of right now. But there is written guide that was released last week that will help you to teach them too.  I put together a guide to monetize that you can use with it to teach: 
If you want to go straight past our resource page and see the actual PLR, go here: 

Non Gimmicky Way Two 

I was a guest on a podcast a few days ago and I was asked what I thought was the most important thing for people to be doing. And yes, it is to build their list. But just to say that isn’t all that helpful. Do it by launching and being consistent.  That will help you to overcome all of your shortcomings as a marketer until you fix them. That is the honest to goodness truth. 

But the thing is that not everybody wants to sell to the W+/Zoo crowd.  It’s such a small sliver and only has one kind of customer. 

There is another one that Barb and Dennis have been teaching on called Gumroad.  In fact, ironically…I just purchased my first product from there last week. So, knowing it will help you.  I may eventually do PLR on the subject but for now, you can go here to start using it for yourself along with resources I put together: 

Personal Note   

For some reason, my schedule has been turned upside down since this pandemic.  I am back to some bad habits. Much of it has to do with my daughters being home.  They are natural vampires having been away at college (but now forced home due to sheltering in place). 

So, I’d been thinking that I have to get to bed at 9 tonight to reverse this, but “The Last Dance” will be on ESPN at 9.  And as a Southside of Chicago boy that watched Jordan rise to power, it would be too much for me to wait until the next day to see it. 

And it got me to thinking… How do we build THAT into our products? So that people can’t go bed until they get into it… And to do it without gimmicks.   Well, if a written guide on Virtual Summits is not your thing, remember I have a video guide on the subject that you can use to teach it.  Go here to get ours: