There is a hard stop deadline for Ultimate Insider. I will be closing the membership to new people starting on June 1st.  This is so that I can catch up on all planned updates, upgrades and content. I took a fair amount of time explaining to Insiders what the updates were and I have taken an excerpt from that part of our Monthly meeting. Go here to listen in so that you can see what’s upcoming.  Then make sure you’re in before the closure here:

Personal Note: Disaster Recovery 

I wanted to bump my personal note up closer to the top today because you may or may not have seen that two fairly experienced PLR people had their long time accounts taken by Facebook. Thankfully, both of them were fairly active with their email correspondence, but it’s a cautionary tale. Having more than one way of directing people to your email is what you and I need to be doing and teaching. Aurelius has a new set of PLR content that’s about traffic and we’ve added to it here:

Newest Demo for CloudFunnels: How to Add a Bonus to Your Page (Compared with HTML) 

In case you missed it, I recently did a demo showing you how you can add a bonus to your HTML page.  But if you watch all the way to the end, I also mapped out the process of doing it on your CloudFunnels pages. Once you import your PLR pages into CloudFunnels, you can do it this way. I outlined the process as part of your bonus resources, which you will get access to at the checkout.  Go see the demo here:

Last Night’s Demo for Academy Pro: A Workaround to Use Your Own Sales Pages 

I also did a demo last night showing you how you use your own sales pages with the Academy Pro system. It’s not a direct integration and automation to be up-front. But it’s important to understand because you want the flexibility to add it to an offer in another system. I’m not exactly sure of the vision they have for this.  It’s possible they could be convinced to make this more doable. That said…you can do it following the method I’ve outlined for you here. Go see the the process here: