With people being on lockdown at home, they are discovering that they may or may not want to go back to the “real world” in the same way that they were before all of this.  So the Zoom calls that they did during the lockdown, they’re going to want to know how to do more of them and get even better at them. How will they do it?  Who will help them? You will!


Two of the Videos in the Package Are “Extra” 

Two of the videos inside of the package are for your customer to use for their customers.  Basically, they can put them on their website to show people on their calls what they can expect. What it does is add professionalism to the whole process. 

I have been thinking that this is something that we can all do more of as more people come from outside of our world to want to learn more about it. So, that actually makes 26 total on-screen, over-the-shoulder videos that you’ll be passing on to your customer.  If you have them in your learning center now, this will be a good addition to what you’re already doing. Get those two videos here: 


You Are Not a Marketer, You Are a School 

I have been saying in as many ways that I can that we need to be seen as the educators in whatever our niche is. We can do it through whatever medium we produce the best content in: 
1) Blog
2) Podcast
3) Summit
4) Videos 
5) Any or all of the above. 

Being consistent about this can generate consistent visits to your site and your offers. You can jump start that process by having this said about you: “Oh that’s the guy that does a workshop on Thursdays at noon..” “Yes, that woman that does demonstrations of the platform every Tuesday…” You get my point.    

And I know that big guys say that this is not the way to do it.  But regular people that get paralyzed by all of the options they have can use this to get in motion.  And when you start teaching and sharing your training every where you know people are and every place you go online…good things can happen. Once you start getting the people, here is how you sell it: 


School Supplies 

It is Laurel’s and my job to keep you, as an Insider, outfitted for your job as an educator.   We’ve got the curriculum to help you to build the right platform. And we’ve got resources and training for you to use. Get it all here: