Yesterday, we told you about a package released by a long time friend of mine, Nick Mancuso.  He has put into words the hardest part of outsourcing. This is what business owners in the next few years are going be forced to learn how to do: Hiring people that work from home. 

Platitudes like “Hire Slow and Fire Fast” work on internet memes.  But there is more to it than that.   This package is content that you and I need to have on our site for people to think about before they just jump into finding somebody on Fiverr or where ever. Go here to get Nick’s content on remote workers:

Zoom PLR Tomorrow Morning – Get Ready 

When the videos are done, I always have a bit of a let down.  All that has to be done is for me to get the logistics ready. 

Late night, I will give you the video titles.  This is a course that was hard for a couple of reasons: 

1) I had to cover the content comprehensively without covering old ground in the 2019 course

2) I had to make sure that you could walk through the course start to finish and get a zoom meeting and/or webinar into operation

So, although there is an hour (that’s longer than the 2019 course) of videos, there is no fluff. Also, I’ve started doing something that I may continue with in future courses.  I added two customer perspective videos. This is so that when your customers buy the course from you, they’ll have two videos they can use to give to THEIR customers telling them what they can expect on a Zoom Webinar without freaking out.

This course will be active in the accounts of Ultimate Insiders tomorrow morning also.  At 9 AM EST, you’ll be able to check your accounts to download the new course. I have more to say about the course in tonight’s evening newsletter, but you can still sign up as an Insider here:

TikTok Marketing Content 

This actually falls into the same category as the Remote Employee content.  It’s something you and I need to be conversant about. As much as I am not a big proponent of relying on social media, I recognize the power to reach people. 

What I respect about the people like you that read our messages and get our video content is that you are doers. That means that you’re not on social media to goof off, but you’re on there to figure out how to serve people. TikTok is just another channel to serve prospective customers or the customers of your customers. Either way, you need to have something to say. Go to our resources here: 
Or go straight to the page to get the PLR (and our resources) here:

Personal Note  

The Stay At Home Order in our county has been extended to June 4th.  Boy, this is a crazy time is it not? Laurel was on the call of a mentor last night who was speculating that people should now be looking to figure out what it is that you and I do every day. 

Most people look at us and think…well, who knows what people look at us and think. Regardless, I think you and I need to amplify our voices.  Not in a spammy, humble-brag sort of way.  But a matter-of-factly, this-is-how-it-works way. I think if you have our content, you are well positioned to do that. If you can be someone trustworthy in this crisis, there will eventually be an after the crisis.  It will be your voice that people will look to. But you need to make yourself heard now.