One of the cool things about Zoom is that you can get registrants for your meeting or webinar and then multi-stream it to:
1) Facebook
2) YouTube
3) Instagram
4) Twitter
5) Your Website 

All at the same time. I do go through this in the Advanced Zoom course.  I didn’t dare put this in the basic course. You and I as IMers deal with tech every day.  This would frighten the vast majority of people watching your rebranded version of my videos. 

So, if you’ve not yet picked up the Advanced version and you want to learn or teach this process…get the Advanced version (link is on the product download page). If you’re still waiting to get the basic version (I don’t know why you’d wait…but hey, everybody’s different) get it here and then make sure to get the advanced version too.

Why Not Just Use Streamyard? 

This is a question that some of your customers will ask.  And there is no one answer to it. In fact, for some people the ideal solution actually IS Streamyard or even OBS.  (Some of the people I respect in our circle use it to perfection.) 

But no worries, I’ll tell you about the use cases in our Q and A Webinar on Zoom.  At that time, I’ll also give you some angles you can use on how to market and sell the PLR. We’ll then record the Lead Magnet Webinar.  I want you to hear me do it live in case you want to record it over in your voice with a different emphasis. And we’ll do the webinar on GoToWebinar so that I’ll be free during the call to open up Zoom. To get on the Q and A call and get the PLR go here:

Putting on My Hard Hat for Ultimate Insiders Today 

Now that Zoom has been released formally, it’s time for me to make some improvements to the Ultimate Insider membership itself as well as the membership area. I’ve asked Laurel to be a direct contact for you inside of the group. So, if you have a question about Ultimate Insiders, you’ll have selected addresses for different needs: 

  • Sydney for Product Support and Software Set Ups (until she goes back to college)
  • Me for Strategy and Content Support
  • Laurel for Membership Support

 There is more I’ll tell you about in this evening’s message. Obviously, I’ve started preparing for your May Full Funnel already.  I will have more news about that too.   It’s possible that I may not even release that title to the public immediately but only to you. If you’re not an Insider yet, go here: 

Personal Note 

I read an article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal about Marie Kondo.  I actually have a few of her books on Audible that I have listened to. My interest in Marie Kondo isn’t necessarily for her philosophy.  I have no interest in talking to my clothing or making my books “conscious,” as she says.   

I read her material because her brand building game is on-point and is a good illustration of what I think is possible for certain people in our circle–but not the way you think and the way we talk about it in IM. 

You see Marie Kondo and you say, okay…how can I imitate what she’s doing?  How can I build my own following like that and spread it into physical products and other things? 

The truth is that Marie Kondo started the way you and I started…doing stuff that created value for other people (part time while she worked her full time gig).  At the point at which what she had was taking her time from work, she then became “Konmari.” A few years later…her books hit at the point and time that organizing and minimalism became a “thing.” 

But there was NO WAY she could have predicted this by finding the magic “niche.”  She was just prolific and consistent about her work, and then the same with her content. And now she’s got a “name.” There is no shortcut to this stuff.  And chasing short cuts means you chase them perpetually.   

So, while you do IM with the Zoo/+ crowd, I hope you’re also building out a brand based on your expertise.  Build a learning center in both places with PLR and original content just like I teach you in E-Learning Playbook….which comes with PLR so you can teach your people too: