This week, I did an interview with a
friend who can show you and
clients how to use FB to get the
right people.  Before I get to that
I want to remind you of our most
recent PLR video set, here:
This week, I recorded an interview
with Alicia Lyttle who shared with
me how she uses the platform to
find people that are interested
in what she has based on events.
She does this for local business
owners and restaurants in particular
(you’ll hear it in the interview) but
it works for other things once you
understand what you’re doing.
What I like about this is that there
are no gimmicks.  And that she
uses this for her own training
It’s possible that you may not
have time to watch the interview
(which I really go suggest) before
they start changing the pricing
on their training.
As I understand it, there will be
some gradual changes after the
first few hours which you can
beat here:
There are also two additional PLR
trainings that I’ve been telling you
about one of which closes out
today.  That one is the audio PLR
that I suggested you take and
have transcribed.
(If you don’t know how to do that
hit reply and I can direct you to
a video on our training channel
that walks you through the
The other closes out tomorrow
and undoubtedly you’ve heard from
others about it.  Francis has been
creating video training as long if
not longer than Jon and I have.
So, I am very comfortable sharing
what he’s doing with you. Since I
have decided to cut back on the
number of people I recommend
this year I do want you to be
secure in that I have some kind
of vetting process.